Club Raro, Testimonials


Good Morning Charleen, (Kia Orana)

Sorry it’s taken so long, but we got back to Christchurch just in time to get shaken to bits buy a succession of these earthquakes, all the ones we enjoyed not having while we were in Rarotonga,

I (we) would just like to thank, you, Aporo and all the staff of Club Raro for the most relaxing and enjoyable stay, it was nice to get away from the shaking that we almost call normal,

In a nutshell, you have a fantastic team in Margaret,Dawn,Nathan and all the rest of the crew(we may not have meet everyone but we do appreciate there efforts), everyone did such a wonderful job of making us feel at home and welcome, we did arrive as guests and felt like part of the family and will return as friends, everyone here is still singing the praises of our holiday, there was nothing that we didn’t enjoy about our stay at Club Raro and Rarotonga it’s a beautiful Island  and there will be a return trip next year by at least Peter,Marie,Kim and myself and we are trying to get some more of our friends to commit to coming along to enjoy your hospitality, buy the way they all drink like us, but I will be in touch closer to the time.

Thank you once again and please pass on our gratitude and thanks to all of the staff for a job well done,the only thing warmer than the temperature outside was the smiles and friendliness of you all,

Club Raro Rocks,Go you good things you, Go Club Raro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meitaki and Aere Ra ( I think that is Thank you and Goodbye for now ) I hope !!


On behalf of the Super Six or (Pi*sed Six)

Aaron & Maureen,   Room227

Peter & Marie,         Room 224

Kim & Geoff,         Room 228

What can I say, upon my arrival at Club Raro, the staff instantly made me feel like one of their own.  I’m an experienced traveler and what’s most important to me is how friendly and informative are the staff, how convenient is it to get to fun places and how far is the beach? Well, the answers to all those are: super friendly, super informative, super easy and super close.  That’s a lot of super’s and that’s why I have had such a great time at Club Raro.

I love the people here, not just the staff, I’m talking about everyone.  I met new friends and the atmosphere here is so caring. That’s the best way I can say it, at Club Raro, people care.  The staff cares about my needs.  Other guest care when you talk to them. Rarotongans care that tourists all enjoy themselves.  I am looking forward to my next Visit to the Cook Islands and I would never stay anywhere else.  That’s Club Raro for a great, great time

William Smith
Seattle, WA, USA 

At Club Raro you are in Paradise with friends.  This resort is just the right size for great friendships to develop.  The Staff are a delight.  The best in the South Pacific.

Cliff & Annette Sanford - Melbourne                                                             


Just wanted to say a huge huge 'thank you' to you, Charlene and all your staff for making the Minister's Visit a huge success.  Your efforts in making this visit run smoothly and effectly was greatly appreciated.

All the guests were really happy with their rooms, especially the guys up the front on the beach - they just loved waking up to the sea! 

Some of the guests were comparing notes with their colleagues out at the Edgewater about what they had for breakfast - Edgewater lot were envious - a credit to you and your staff!

For all inconveniences caused, my apologies. 

Once again, thank you.


Hi Charlene, my name is Nicola smith and I just recently enjoyed a holiday to Raro with two friends Julie Ireland and Rachel Donald staying at Club Raro from 24-29 March.

I would like to make mention that what made staying at Club Raro the most enjoyable was the staff, Two of them stood out - your receptionist and in particular, one member - Dawn - who looked after us at breakfast and at the pool bar. I feel compelled to write to you about Dawn as she remembered all our names from get go. Her professionalism, friendly, helpful and bubbly personality, at all times, cannot be forgotten, Dawn is an absolute credit to you and Club Raro.

Thank you and kind regards
Nicola Smith - NZ

to whom it may concern

i stayed at club raro last week and id like to say i had the most brillent servcie that iv ever had in all my years of travling. dawn is a credit to your bar and resturant and bar always laughing and smiling wow she is lovley. at reception i had wonderfull brillent staff mili is smiling all the time and told us places to go for sight seeing avi was always laughing and picking up rubbish  and walking the pigs back home that was so funny moana was so nice and polite and tau always helpfull . it was my first time on the island and its beautiful. i would come back and stay at club raro because the staff were so lovley yours fathfully julie ireland newzealand i had a nickname when over there it was scobby doo could you please say hello to the staff mentioned

yours fathfully

julie ireland - NZ


Lovely Holiday - Thank you

Debbie & Del Plewa – ESSEX – ENGLAND

Great, as always.
Reece & Falon – CANADA

Very Good Friendly Staff.  Clean Resort
N Roberts – Whangarei – NZ

Very enjoyable resort, very relaxed.
D. J. Curnick – AUSTRALIA

Excellent Service.  Small intimate/Not over crowded
Brent & Bessie Mc Cabe – Christchurch – NZ

Complete satisfaction.  Staff very helpful and friendly
D & B Tighe – W.A 6210

Really Great Stay.  Thanks to all your staff.
John Eilbeck - Wellington - NZ

Knew it was going to be good - didnt know it'd be that good!

Sally & Dennis - Totaia North – NZ

All staff is very friendly
Bruce & Sue – Gisborne NZ

Very comfortable & enjoyed the stay very much.  Keep up the smiles.
Lynda – OAMARU

Will recommend the resort to our travel agent
Mac Gregory – NZ

Lovely Place Helpful Staff (even manager takes time out to talk) Handy to everything.
Phillip & Joan Rowe – NZ

A fantastic place to come and to relax our stay here was one of share bliss.
Cosler & Davison – Waiuku – NZ


A great & Restful Stay!
Bill & Rima Matson - Motueka - NZ


Very accommodating - Great Place - Friendly - Thanks to Charleen & Wonderful Staff.  Enjoyed the island - Nice Weather - Thanks CLUB RARO!!!!

Ken & Cynthia Wilson - William Lake British Colombia - CANADA


Came here for my 40th Birthday. Excellent!! Awesome place to stay.

Amiria & Paul - Hamilton - NZ


Fantastic Place!
Tapani Jurmu - Pikjokangasniemi - FINLAND


Enjoyed the hospitality. Thanks to all will bring my family next time!!!!  To all the visitors here - order the "Angry Rarotongan Cocktail".

Tupe Taisalika - Samoa


Wonderful, Friendly staff & fabulous setting. Id Love to Return!!!!

Dave Robinson - Jamaica - (Living is London)


A wonderful experience, had an enjoyable time and friendly stay at Club Raro! Will be back here to Rarotonga!!

Georgina Kalache - Sydney - Australia


Thank you to so much for your hospitality.  Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend applies 100% to Club Raro.

Boris Mesko - Auckland - NZ


YAYURR CLUB RARO!!!  Awesome Staff, mean room, good times.

Oliver Coddington - IAMTV - Aotearoa



CLUB RARO IS GREAT!!! Fine Crew, Great Pool & Awesum Sunshine!!! E Noho Ra XX

Ciara & Chris - Wellington - NZ


WOW!!! WOW!!!

Barry & Pauline Kay - Wellington Stratnmore


Absolutely Fabulous! We love Club Raro & the Cook Islands

Kathrin & Stano -

Auckland - originally Germany & Slavakia

My first time is the Raro....CLUB RARO ROCKS!!!!!  I want to live here.  Loved my Lagoonfront Room.  Awesome view right on the water.  Its like your on a Boat, nothing but the ocean.

C.J & S.N - Christchurch - NZ